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CHT Build 27A.00.00

Review of Build
27A.00.00 Features

CHT templates, web pages, demo and utility applications have undergone a major cosmetic revision that will immediately become obvious when you begin interacting with the templates, our web pages and our demo or utility applications.

Presently, fourty-four of these "example" applications are pre-compiled, code signed and located in your /clarion/accessory/bin/ directory. Some of these are called from our templates and act as support utilities.

Here are just a few:
** hndcmp.exe **
   •  CHT Compile Manager
   • View Detail Docs

** hndtestchtbothndsearch.exe **
   •  Code search and replace utility
   • View Detail Docs

** hndtplregistry.exe **
   •  Re-register templates to speed up Clarion
   • View Detail Docs

** hndzipnemailmapi.exe **
** hndzipnemailnet.exe **
** hndzipnemailsmtp.exe **
** hndzipnemailcdo.exe **
   • ZIP files and email them using any one of 4 separate email protocols
   • View Detail Docs MAPI
   • View Detail Docs NET
   • View Detail Docs SMTP
   • View Detail Docs CDO

** hndbulksigner.exe **
   • Bulk code-signing utility
   • View Detail Docs

** hndencrypt.exe **
   • Encrypt-decrypt files
   • View Detail Docs

** hndclientcl.exe **
   • CHT's private forum for Q and A to CHT-HQ
   • View Detail Docs

** hndbackupconfig.exe **
   • Built into templates to back up as you work
   • View Detail Docs

** hndsetup.exe **
   • Our installation container maker, extractor
   • View Detail Docs

** hndxml2htmlgen.exe **
   • Generates HTML pages from XML templates
   • View Detail Docs

** hndsqltrace.exe **
   • Trace from your Clarion SQL applications
   • View Detail Docs

** hndfbackbuilder.exe **
   • Customize CHT toolkit message strings
   • View Detail Docs

** hndclariondrive.exe **
   • View or modify where your Clarions are installed
   • View Detail Docs

** hndclean.exe **
   • Clean up an app to force a full recompile
   • View Detail Docs

** hndpreviewer.exe **
   • View CHT documentation for CHT templates and classes
   • View Detail Docs

** hndhtml2pdf.exe **
   • Convert well-formed HTML to PDFs
   • View Detail Docs

** hndbrwcl.exe **
   • CHT News app - view latest CHT information
   • View Detail Docs

** 14 more located in /clarion/accessory/bin/

** The source code (app file) for all of these applications and at least 110 more is provided for you to study, or from which to borrow parts via procedure import.

** Many of the things you might want to build or might have considered building yourself are here waiting to be discovered, and will provide your apps with a generous supply ideas and importable components.

** To aid you as you experiment and discover, we've supplied with this build, three "STUB" apps. These are entirely empty apps, with one procedure (MAIN or SERVERMAIN) and a dictionary (where one is needed). The apps are called: HNDSTUBFILESERVER.APP, HNDSTUBPAGESERVER.APP and HNDSTUBWINDOW.APP

** Use FILE SAVE AS to rename these to something unique of your own and work with us in future videos and articles, to make them into something useful - using IMPORT from our apps, or JUMPSTART or UTILITY templates that we provide.

** In the meantime, get to know CHT demo apps and utilities! We'll get you building something awesome with just your favorite Clarion and our incredible templates and resources and your clever brains.


Our Finest Generation

You may have noticed from this website that a web-redesign is in progress.

The new design will follow us forward in time covering only present and future pages. Pages older than DEC 2022 will keep the previous design, remaining untouched until finally, they are phased out of use.

Toolkit documents such as chttemplates.html and chtclasses.html and chtapplications.html will naturally, move forward to the new design as these are renewed monthly.

You may be interested to know that all of our web-pages are generated using CHTSNAPEDIT.EXE and HNDXML2HTMLGEN.EXE and one of the page templates (separate template for each page) located in \accessory\hnd\xml\.

Our pages contain no Javascript only pure HTML and CSS (cascading style sheets). Our pages, as in the past, continue to be served from a Clarion application for which you have the source code in your tool kit: HNDSLFSVFX.APP.

By way of example, our MAIN page (index.html) is built with XML template "000index.xml". Our ABOUT page (about.html) is built with template "000about.xml" and so on.

We will ship the latest versions of these page templates with the upcoming build. Your CHT (26A.01.00) build presently contains the previous versions of these templates.

The gist of our new page design, as you will see from this December 2022 page, revolves around the colors RED, WHITE and GOLD. We're no longer using a header and footer image as in the past.

We've completed the design (some tweaks still pending) for all present pages and pages moving forward from NOV 2022, and of course, base pages such as index.html, about.html and so on.

We plan on releasing the next build CHT Build 27A.00.00 some time in mid Decemeber 2022. This will contain the 2023 "Quarter One" templates. These will be technically similar to the present template set that you have in hand, (i.e. CHT Build 26D.01.00) with mostly cosmetic changes to all template dialogs that display images or logos. These will now display the same RED, YELLOW, WHITE color scheme now in use on our website.

Our new catch-phrase for 2023 is:

"Our Finest Generation"

Hope you appreciate the double meaning!

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