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This WEB CLIENT application acts as a text-based forum help server built entirely from 100% Clarion code + CHT templates. We built this application with Clarion 10, but our templates can easily and successfully compile this application with any one of C9.1, C10, C11, or C11.1.

This text client will let you ask new questions and post new comments as always have. The data tables attached to this forum started life in early 2022 and you are able to query back to then. Older data has been removed as many of the questions are no longer relevant to the latest CHT templates.

The data tables in use are TOPSPEED type which have a reputation of not being very speedy across a WAN using standard operating system network connections. That reputation for slowness exists because a typical one piece data application is separated from the data tables across the network.

Normal operating system streaming speeds, are severely limited across a WAN. And while SQL data streaming speeds are a bit better, they are still not up to the speeds that can be achieved using HTTPS across the WAN or the Internet.

You will, no doubt, discover when you browse this forum, that it is amazingly fast, as though the data tables were local to you. That's because CHT uses a two-piece application approach. The server is near the data tables where it needs to be, and that design localizes the amount of standard network streaming to mere inches, since the tables and server are on the same computer hardware.

The user interface, the client part that you are using here, is connected to the server by a far faster protocol over secure HTTPS using a highly encrypted and compressed data stream.

Try it and discover the speed for yourself!

This app is available as HNDCLIENTCL.EXE in your \accessory\bin\ directory. You can launch it from there. It is also provided as HNDCLIENTCL.APP in the \hndapps\ directory if you would like to examine and perhaps re-purpose it for your own use.

All Tables In Dictionary: HNDCLIENTCL.DCT

Count Data Table Name Data Table Description
(0001) NGMember Member Table
(0002) NGMessage Messages Storage table
(0003) NGConfig Configuration Lookup
(0004) NGMemberExtra Member Extended Info
(0005) PreQueries Pre-Designed Queries Table
(0006) People Names and addresses
(0007) Phone Phones file for People
(0008) AliasMember Alias of Member File Same Purpose
(0009) AliasNgConfig Alias of NGConfig File -Same Purpose

Data Tables Used By Procedure

MessagesUpdateFormExample (Procedure Template: Window)
Count Tables Used (Name) Tables Used (Description)
(0001) NGMember Member Table
(0002) NGMessage Messages Storage table
(2) Table(s) Used In MessagesUpdateFormExample

RequestMessagesBrowsePopFav (Procedure Template: HandyWebClientBrowseProcedureEx)
Count Tables Used (Name) Tables Used (Description)
(0001) NGMember Member Table
(0002) NGMemberExtra Member Extended Info
(0003) NGMessage Messages Storage table
(0004) PreQueries Pre-Designed Queries Table
(4) Table(s) Used In RequestMessagesBrowsePopFav

HTTPClientMain (Procedure Template: Window)
Count Tables Used (Name) Tables Used (Description)
(0) Table(s) Used In HTTPClientMain

JumpStartSplashCHTBlue (Procedure Template: Splash)
Count Tables Used (Name) Tables Used (Description)
(0) Table(s) Used In JumpStartSplashCHTBlue

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Tables Used In Application