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BATCH-BOT FTP TOOL [V10.23.01. 27.00]

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This "CHT Batch Bot", HNDFTPNET.EXE is a command-line FTP tool which can send, fetch and erase files to/from any standard FTP site. The application can be called from one of your Clarion applications, a Windows batch file or a Windows .VBS script to provide reliable single and multi file upload/download/services.

HNDFTPNET.EXE source code, because it is in Clarion .APP format, is included as a standard part of the CHT toolkit, provided both in .APP format as well as ready-to-run, in .EXE format.

HNDFTPNET.EXE is dependent on a CHT DLL called HNDFTPNET.DLL being present and visible on the system path, for its FTP capabilities.

The application communicates to this DLL via COM, requiring the HNDFTPNET.DLL to be registered on the host system. This DLL will auto-register on the host system when first called and found not to be registered.

<9>[CFG] Set up FTP configuration information #0
<9>[CFG] Set up FTP configuration information #1
<9>[CFG] Set up FTP configuration information #2
<9>[CFG] Select and use configuration #0
<9>[CFG] Select and use configuration #1
<9>[CFG] Select and use configuration #2

<9>[OPT] Provides file name of the local file to be uploaded.
<9>This file need not exist if used with the --mask tag to
<9>to indicate that a pre-zip is performed using a mask.

<9>[REQ] Names the remote directory with which to interact.
<9>This is a required parameter which is formed as follows:

<9>[OPT] Names a local directory when the --mask tag
<9>is used to describe one or more files for pre-zipping.
<9>Defaults to the application directory if omitted.

<9>[OPT] Password used when pre-zipping with --mask.

<9>[OPT] DOS-style file mask (eg: • .app) describes files to be
<9>zipped. Requires CHTSNAPZIP.EXE to be available.
<9>--send parameter must be .zip file name

<9>[OPT] File name of a remote file to be downloaded.
<9>Use instead of --send or --erase when downloading.

<9>[OPT] Provides file to be erased from a remote directory.
<9>Use instead of --fetch and --send when deleting.

<9>[OPT] Used by itself, this provides a file listing
<9>of the remote directory stipulated after the tag.
<9>E.G. --list /web/subdir/

All successful transactions or errors are logged into "hndftpnet.log" located in the same directory as the hndftpnet.exe.

<9>[OPT] Used by itself, this pops up a splash help screen
<9>Creates hndftpnethelp.txt which contains the contents of
<9>this splash screen.

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(0001) HTellMe HNDWindow HND 205 HNDWINDO.INC
(0002) HWin HNDWindow HND 205 HNDWINDO.INC
(0003) Toolbar ToolbarClass ABC 6 ABTOOLBA.INC
(0004) ThisWindow WindowManager ABC 40 ABWINDOW.INC
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