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CHTTP FILE TRANSFER [V10.23.04. 27.00]

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This "CHT Batch Bot", HNDSLFCMD.EXE is a command-line HTTP tool which can send to, fetch and erase files from any standard CHT HTTP/HTTPS site managed by a Type 4 CHT Server such as HNDSLFSV.APP. A password and username are required for access to the server. Communications in both directions are encrypted.

HNDSLFCMD.EXE can be called from one of your Clarion applications, from a Windows batch file or from a Windows .VBS script to provide reliable file upload, download and delete services.

HNDSLFCMD.EXE source code, because it is in Clarion .APP format, is included as a standard part of the CHT toolkit, provided both in .APP format as well as ready-to-run, in .EXE format.

--config0 to --config9
[CFG] Set up HTTP/HTTPS configuration information #0 to #9

"Set" commands may be combined with --send, --fetch or --erase.

--set0 to --set9
[CFG] Select and use configuration #0 to #9
[CFG] Manually inserted url and port,
ignore config settings.
E.G. --set
[CFG] Manually inserted user and password
E.G. --userpass username:userpass

[REQ] Provides file name of the local file to be uploaded.
Use with --local to name the local pickup directory.
Use with --remote to name the remote target directory.
Multiple files may be listed, separated by commas.

[OPT] File name of a remote file to be downloaded.
Use instead of --send or --erase for downloading files.
Use with --local to name the local target directory.
Use with --remote to name the remote pickup directory.
Multipe files may be listed, separated by commas.

[OPT] Provides file to be erased from a remote server.
Use instead of --fetch and --send when deleting.
Use with --remote to name the remote directory.
File names are separated by commas.

OPT] Remote directory with which to interact.
Remote directory below server /root/ directory.
Example usage: subdir1/subdir2/
Defaults to the server /root/ directory if omitted.

[OPT] Names a local directory to indicate --send
pickup directory or to indicate --fetch target path.
Defaults to the application path if omitted.

[OPT] Pops up a splash help screen.
Creates .TXT file showing these instructions.

All successful transactions and/or errors are logged into "hndslfcmd.log" located in the same directory as the hndslfcmd.exe.

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