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MAY 2024

Template TIERS

We've categorized over 360 CHT Templates into TIERS or LAYERS. Each higher TIER represents an incremental level of sophistication, with the first two tiers encompassing pure desktop development: for example, building desktop browses, forms, reports and processes.

Two templates from TIER-1 and TIER-2, that all of you use, for example, are: ExplorerBrowse (EXPB), and HandyMarkerBrowse (HMB). These templates are attached to ordinary ABC browses to extend their capabilities well beyond anything SV is doing with its ABC browse templates.

In TIER-3, we include ListBoxBrowseExtender (LBX) among other things. This browse looks and behaves like HandyMarkerBrowse but is NOT BUILT on top of an ABC browse, and therefore, does not inherit the ABC browse's built-in limitations. LBX can also create ordinary desktop browses with sorting and filtering features beyond ABC, but that's just the beginning. LBX browses do not need to rely exclusively on Clarion file drivers. LBX can access data through ABC file drivers if you want it to, or it can access data from a nearby or remotely placed CHT server. LBX can be web-enabled.

TIER-3 and TIER-4 deal extensively with exercising the Web Enabling capabilities of Clarion Handy Tools. Check the following three links to see which CHT templates have been placed in which tiers, we think that TIER LAYERS will help you implement CHT Templates to their fullest extent.

ALL TIERS Document
TIERS ONE and TWO Document

CHT TIER definitions will help you analyse the apps that you have already built to see were they fit complexiy-wise. How many of our upper TIER templates are you actually using? We've explained more in Build 28B.00.00 "CHTTODO.TXT" and in the CHT user forum.

AACHTControlPanel TIERS Tab
Build 28B.00.00

From this tab developers can
run the "Application TIER Report"

IDE-Global Templates Example
TIER Designations Display on Template Names

IDE-Procedure Templates Example
TIER Designations Display on Template Names

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