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Latest CHT Version 27A.03.00
Available From February 22, 2023

We are doing all forward Clarion-Code development (i.e. templates, classes, demo applications, CHT Utility Applications and CHT "Batch Bot" Applications) currently using Clarion 9.1, Clarion 10, Clarion 11 and Clarion 11.1. These are all code-identical versions of CHT, available to subscribers at one price for all.

The latest-version installer/updater is able to install any one, or all, CHT versions from the same installer.

CHT Versions for Clarion 9.1, Clarion 10, Clarion 11 and Clarion 11.1, are included in the price of your CHT download subscription. These are provided as separate downloads from our single CHT TOOLKIT installer/updater application.

 Clarion 11.1
 CHT Version: 27A.03.00
 February 22, 2023

 Clarion 11.0
 CHT Version: 27A.03.00
 February 22, 2023

 Clarion 10.0
 CHT Version: 27A.03.00
 February 22, 2023

 Clarion 9.1
 CHT Version: 27A.03.00
 February 22, 2023

CHT user experience has given us considerable feedback confirming that older Clarion version applications built with CHT templates in them, will port effortlessly to all Clarion versions in our above release list, when the apps are pure ABC + CHT.

Our ability to stay in-synch and let you move forward apps built with older-version Clarions to newer-version Clarions, is the very best, and unique to CHT!


CHT Code-Generating Templates

Our present template count is at 364 ± templates, including:

154 ± Extension Templates,
143 ± Control Templates,
25 ±   Utility Templates,
21 ±   Code Templates,
17 ±   Procedure Templates,
500 ± Template Subroutines

CHT Code-Generating Templates provide a self-documenting programmer interface to the underlying OOP classes. Check out the links below the next image to see a current list of CHT Templates.

Build 27A.03.00 templates, as always,
are 100% Clarion 9.1, Clarion 10, Clarion 11 and Clarion 11.1 compatible.

Applications built with Clarion + CHT using earlier Clarions and their matching CHT version will port easily and effortlessly to the next Clarion version.

CHT Jumpstart Utility Templates and Importable Procedures

CHT provides utility templates and pre-built, importable procedures which we call "Jumpstarts" because the construction work required on your part is minimal. These "Jumpstarts" create individual, pre-built procedures or functions, and even entire applications that provide some immediately practical end-use such as sending an email or uploading a file by FTP or HTTP, sending an SMS message, or encrypting and compressing a disk file to enumerate a few.

For example number of these "Jumpstarts" go as far as creating fully viable applications:

Static Page Server Doc

Static Page Server

File Delivery Server Doc

File Delivery Server

The procedures and/or applications brought into being by these wizard templates are working models or prototypes with which developers are encouraged to work forward. Wizard outputs are built on Clarion ABC base templates combined with CHT functional templates, sometimes including embedded code.

Full control and adaptability is there to push the produced procedures and/or applications further, or to adapt them to the developer's own, specific end-use needs.

CHT Source-Code Classes

Our present "Classes" count is at 131 object-oriented class libraries provided in pure text, source code format. These class libraries contain approximately 6000 unique methods - not counting overrides and derivations.

Our class libraries do the actual work of CHT (Clarion Handy Tools). All classes latched into your application by our templates are fully-embeddable. This means that the native behaviours and properties of all classes can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of your specific application via embedding.

Embedding, as always, can be performed manually by the developer, or can be, and is, performed by our templates using information you provide on the template interface.

All CHT source-code classes are multi-language compatible - a single translation file controls end-user messages and screen prompts presented by the classes.

All CHT classes have one or more class-specific templates with which to incorporate them into your application procedures as well as set properties. This framework of OOP-based code libraries is kept up to date in order to be fully compatible with each new Clarion version or sub-version release.

Clarion Source-Code Applications

CHT is an all SOURCE CODE product. We provide full source code for all CHT Class Libraries, Templates, Utility Applications, CHT-BATCH-BOTS, and Demonstration Applications.

The chief advantage of obtaining source code is greater compatibility across Clarion versions. And owning source code also affords developers a greater measure of understanding and protection of their investment. With source code in hand, the exact behavior of any class method, template, application or binary component, can be studied by examining the code even if you never intend to derive, override or change it.

All CHT binary components (.EXE's .DLL's, .OCX's) have Clarion class-code as well as template interfaces that help to integrate them into your Clarion applications.

Many of the binary components that we ship pre-compiled with the CHT toolkit are available in source code (.APP) format already. And the source code .APP files are an integral part of the CHT standard product subscription.

CHT Update Schedule

Additions, improvements and fixes are posted for subscriber download as soon as they've been extensively tested and are ready to use and fully documented. We provide four major build updates (A,B,C,D) a year, one each quarter, with numerous minor build updates in between.

Updating is performed at times decided by subscribers themselves, using a download/installation/update software tool we provide that is also written in Clarion.


COM-Based Binary Components

While CHT does contain a number of CHT-developed, COM/API interface components, all but two of these are built with MS C++ or MS C# and so are independent of the Clarion run-time such that they continue to work across Clarion versions, newer or older. In all cases the interface layer to these non-clarion-language components is provided in Clarion source code as well. And in the case of the two Clarion-based DLL components listed in the Catalog of CHT Binaries below, the source .APP files are provided.

All CHT COM binaries are code-signed by us. CHT Developers may ship these components with their apps as-is, or re-sign them with their own code-signing certificate(s). CHT templates and ship (.SHP) files, document and enumerate any/all binary components necessary to be shipped with the developer's compiled application.

CHT "Snap-In" Binary Components

These command-line utilities are provided to developers as pre-compiled, code-signed, stand-alone executables.

They are written in C# and are very compact with few or no dependencies. Source code for these items is not included with the CHT Toolkit but may be purchased separately by written request and special arrangement.

Developers may use these executables (which are included in the CHT Toolkit) as-is, by calling them from their applications in a console-captured manner using the proprietary CHT Snap-Ins Template interface along with a host of control templates that incorporate the "Snap-Ins" into your Clarion application in a seamless manner.

CHT "Batch-Bot" Binary Components

CHT Batch Bots are command-line applications of various sorts. These command-line utilities are provided to developers both as pre-compiled, code-signed, stand-alone executables, as well as in application, source format. Developers may use executables as-is, by calling them from their applications in a console-captured manner, or from batch scripts.

Another option with CHT Batch Bots, since the source application is provided, is modifying the applications to suit, any developer's unique requirements. CHT Batch Bots provide a wide variety of end-uses. Click the link provided above to learn more.

CHT Utility Applications

CHT Utility Applications are toolkit support applications of various kinds provided both in pre-compiled format and in CLARION source code. These are a standard part of the toolkit always updated and code signed with each major or minor build.

Click here to read more about each of these utility apps and what function each provides to your CHT/CLARION experience.

Want to translate CHT Class text and windows - every string, window label, error message - to another language? You can do that and maintain and merge your translation work with later CHT versions easily, using a utility application called CHT Translation File Builder.

CHT Translation File Builder

Want to code sign your production applications in bulk? Do it with a CHT Toolkit Utility Application called CHT Bulk Code Signing Tools.

CHT Bulk Code Signing Tools

There are more than 50 CHT Utility Applications! You're invited to use them as-is to enhance your CHT Toolkit experience.

You're also welcome to adapt any of them to your own use. Even resell them as stand-alone pre-compiled applications. If you plan to resell, we ask you to rework the application interface and the application name and give us some credit on your spash screen. Resale of these as source code, is not permitted.

Example Applications

We're continually rebuilding, revising and adding to our demonstration applications. There are currently 90± shipping applications listed in our Demo Applications summary document. There are approximately 220± in all, available for study on request.

CHT demonstration applications illustrate different aspects of CHT (Clarion Handy Tools) in action - an Auto-Backup Tool (backs up your apps as you work), numerous HTTP Web Servers (four different types), several Zip Tools (in source code), a Clarion Project Builder (compile manager), and many, many more.

Click either of the links below, CHT Clarion Project Builder and CHT Auto-Backup Configurator to find out more about our demo applications and which templates and classes are used in each.

CHT Clarion Project Builder

CHT Auto-Backup Configurator

CHT Demo Applications

CHT Utility Applications

CHT Batch Bot Applications

We always endeavor to make example applications "real-world" enough so that they can act as starting points – or jump starts – for your own work. The source code for our CHT tool-kit utilities is included with our "demo" applications, for instance, the CHT Project Builder (Formerly CHT Compile Manager) and CHT Auto-Backup Configurator pictured above.


All demonstration applications are accompanied by an Application Templates Schematic and an Application Classes Schematic.

These let you instantly see which CHT templates and classes have been used on a procedure-by-procedure basis for quicker understanding. This same CHT capability is available for your own applications from the CHT Global Control Panel Template inside your application.

With the Click of a Button You Can Generate HTML Format Application Stats and Schematics

Application Images Lists

Templates-By-Procedure List

Tables-By-Procedure List

Classes-By-Procedure List

Registered Classes List

CHT Classes List

Development, Support
Tools and Applications

Quite a number of our demo applications, in addition to serving to demonstrate use of CHT templates and classes to achieve certain outcomes, also serve as utility applications that extend and support the total CHT experience.

Just Some of the Useful CHT Utility Executables Shipped Also With Source .APP Files.

CHT Utility Applications

CHT Batch Bots

CHT Page Server Example

CHT File Server Example

CHT Project Builder

CHT Project Builder Server

CHT FTP Wizard


CHT Installation Builder

CHT Translation File Builder

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